About Us

About Us

Our culinary philosophy is deceptively simple. We celebrate the very best of Indian food.

Bombay’s cuisine is an extraordinary combination of flavours, delicate seasonings, in-house freshly ground spices, marinades, and complex tastes.

We use only fresh and locally sourced ingredients, our meats and vegetables are slowly cooked in either tomato, onion, and groundnut based or vegetable based sauces, which are expertly seasoned according to the type of dish.

Healthier Indian Cuisine! Our dishes, where required are cooked using Rapeseed Oil, which contains less saturated fat than extra virgin oil. We only use low fat yogurt and Single Cream in our dishes.

To Place your order, please call 01257 251 566 or use our Online Ordering System.

Delivery Service is now available!
Delivery Details 
Sunday to Thursday minimum order of £15.00 within 2 mile radius*
Friday and Saturday minimum order £18.00*
*£2.00 per extra mile, if over 2 miles, payable on delivery.